Friday, October 19, 2018

Poetry Friday - Rainy Day Poem

Hello, hello. Welcome to Poetry Friday once again. Before I forget, this week's roundup is hosted by Brenda at Friendly Fairy Tales.

A couple of weeks ago I entered a giveaway for a copy of Matt Forrest Esenwine's Flashlight Night and was surprisingly one of the winners. My copy came in the mail earlier last week. When you have a child who likes to read, you get tired of reading the same ones over and over again so thanks for adding some more imaginative wordplay to the bookshelves!

Evidence of receipt :p

We've had a couple of nice days in my part of the world lately but it's mostly been interspersed with wet and cold weather. Last Sunday was more humid and warm so when the rains came it was welcome. It was difficult to convince my son to go inside the house so we just let him play in the rain. It was nice to see the happiness he had from the offerings of nature. My contribution this week is a short poem from that moment.


Rainbow rain coat
twirl and twirl
Hop in the rain
like a chirpy little bird

Splash! goes the water
Stomp! goes my feet
To the park with dad
What fun, what a treat. 

© 2018 e. mauger


  1. Rainbow raincoat is a most delicious first line. Nice rhythm and rhyme. Oh, those days of watching my kids play in the rain....such great memories you pull up for me.

    1. Thanks Linda. I'm glad it brings up good memories for you too :)

  2. Awww, I can just see that twirling twirling chirpy little bird... thank you!

  3. Erin, you are a child's advocate/playmate/Mom after my own heart.
    I know here in Florida we didn't play in the rain enough due to it so often being accompanied by
    lightning & thunder her, but one of my favorite memories is of our gal enjoying the "raincoat" as you deliciously term it. This is a vivid poem. Appreciations.

    And I happen to be a big fan of FLASHLIGHT NIGHT, having blogged about it myself. :)

    1. I love thunderstorms, we don't get them very often over here I noticed. I wouldn't normally have thought to just go out in the rain but we just happened to be coming home from something when it started. Something to keep in mind next time there's warm, wet weather.

  4. Jane has a poem about playing in the rain this week, too! Your poem is a delight. Glad you won the book and got some welcome rain!

  5. Charming poem -- I can just picture him :).

  6. You and are I are on the same wavelength this week! Sometimes there's nothing quite like just jumping in a puddle and making a big splash. :-)

  7. I was splashing in my poetry this week, too. Fun poem--love the chirpy little bird comparison!

  8. Fun, spunky poem–sand you've captured the moment well!

  9. This brings memories to me from my own playing in the rain & my children's fun, too. It's a great poem capture of that time.

  10. We've been blessed with much sunshine, but your poem makes me long for some rain and puddles to splash in!


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