Poetry Friday - On Shakespeare

Welcome back for another week. I was finally getting over the cold I caught while on holiday, when last night I noticed another one coming on. Maybe my strange hours and random eating habits have caught up to me.

Anywho - I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a post listing phrases popularised or coined by Shakespeare and thought about using a few of them to compose a poem. It reminded me of last week's offering by Mary Lee who cooked us up a blitz poem. This isn't quite that but it's kind of a fun exercise to see how you can arrange something instead of having to come up with something completely new.

Knock knock! Who’s there? It was a brave new world calling, And in one fell  swoop its eaten me out of house and home.
Well, good riddance!
The old world was cold comfort at best, like the devil incarnate. But, let's give the devil his due. Inside he does have a heart of gold When he kills,  he only kills with kindness.

This week Molly Hogan is hosting PF. Go on over and …

Poetry Friday -- Birds of a Feather

It's been about a week since coming back from holiday in Perth. We're all finally at the tail end of the colds we caught while away. Thankfully my toddler was asleep when we landed back in Adelaide, as my own head was doing me in because of the congestion!

Despite all of that the change of scenery was good. The winter rain made everything green. I loved the Mediterranean type climate, the Indian Ocean (which I forgot actually does extend to this side of the world) and even the little things like going to the usual supermarket and seeing slightly different things on offer. On the other hand, it didn't always seem far enough away - not with regular access to phones and emails creeping in more than you'd like. Such is the modern dilemma.

This week I was struggling again to get in the mood to write or figure out what to share. Despite the blog being such a casual space, sometimes doubt creeps in and blocks progress. But I was saved by a small hit of inspiration as I looked…

Poetry Friday: Flighty Thoughts

Is it the weekend again? It's not Friday here in Australia anymore, but in thinking about poetry to share I suddenly thought of a scene in one of my favourite movies L.A. Story starring Steve Martin. In one attempt to try and win over his would-be love interest played by Victoria Tennant, he starts to recite the following poem:

O pointy birds
O pointy pointy, 
Anoint my head
Anointy nointy. 

It's Steve Martin, so of course it's silly. I'm going a bit silly myself thinking about packing for a trip to Perth on Sunday. It's just visiting some family and friends so nothing too exotic. But it is the first flight for and with my two-year-old son. I've been telling him all week that we'll be going on a plane -- we'll see if that excitement translates into a fairly uneventful flight. It's not a twenty-something hour journey overseas so we'll survive anyhow. In anticipation, I started to jot down some first draft poetry-like goodness around flying. I'll…

Poetry Friday - On Sunsets

Hello lovers of the weekend. This week's Poetry Friday is hosted by Carol over at Carol's Corner where she shares a poem that piqued her interest. I think I'm going to follow suit. I've subscribed to 'poem-a-day' from, and the one below by Elinor Wylie arrived in my inbox earlier this week. 
Sunset on the Spire  Elinor Wylie
All that I dream     By day or night Lives in that stream     Of lovely light. Here is the earth,     And there is the spire; This is my hearth,     And that is my fire. From the sun’s dome     I am shouted proof That this is my home,     And that is my roof. Here is my food,     And here is my drink, And I am wooed     From the moon’s brink. And the days go over,     And the nights end; Here is my lover,     Here is my friend. All that I     Could ever ask Wears that sky     Like a thin gold mask.

I need to read poetry more widely (in fact just reading in general) - I don't always get contemporary form, so this one is a bit of a throwback from the 19…

Poetry Friday - Not Now

Whew! It's Friday again. This week's Poetry Friday is hosted by Michelle Kogan so check out the poetry on offer. 
I have quite an active two-year-old. Perhaps it's just part and parcel of the age. Sometimes the idea of going to the same neighbourhood park again and again gets a bit boring, but for the active toddler, or other young child, that plain open field with a few trees and some playground equipment is still full of possibilities.

This week's poem came to mind after my son tried his best to avoid leaving the park to go home. There were still more things to see, and he was determined to get one last look around. I guess it's only natural. We all try to hold onto good times, don't we?

No, not now 
No, I do not want to go, I'm never going back. I'm too busy getting dizzy, It's fun and that's a fact.
No, I do not want to go. Of course, why should I? Don't you see I'm merrily going down the slide?
No, it's much too early. I can see…

Poetry Friday - Yesterday's Poem

Hello Friday, my old friend!

Er, well, in my neck of the proverbial woods it's more like goodbye. It's one minute till midnight and thus the weekend rolls on. But when you're like me and you spend your days chasing after a toddler (or being climbed on!) the line between weekday and weekend becomes less distinct.

Either way, this week's Poetry Friday roundup is at Kiesha's Whispers from the Ridge so check it out and see what all the other poets are up to!

At the moment I'm pretty bummed after hearing about Anthony Bourdain's death. Celeb chef. Explorer of simple questions like how food can colour an experience or highlight cultures--both local and abroad. There's no illusion that any one's life is always bed of roses, regardless of how it looks on the outside. Or whether or not we wished we had what they had. It's always jarring, though, when someone decides to take their life because of it. (wherever you are there's options)

I've been a …

Poetry Friday - Wish upon a star

In the news this week - aside from the numerous posts flying around about being GDPR compliant - was Wednesday night's attempt at passing the Guinness World Record for the most number of people looking at the night sky through telescopes at once. ABC's Stargazing Live enlisted the help of thousands of Australians across the country to take part. In 2015, 7,960 people set the record - this year the sort of official tally was over 40,000! Throw in a couple of new supernova sightings and you get one astronomical party :) (pun intended)

For this week’s contribution I decided to write a mask poem from the point of view of the night sky. There’s so many forms and being kind of a newbie at poetry (unless you count all those angsty teen poems scribbled in notebooks from high school) I find it difficult figuring out where to start. Anyway, a quick attempt on my part.

Is it me or did the sky start to sound creepy in the end?

The Night Sky

Across the land
thousands gazed
through telescope…