Saturday, June 30, 2018

Poetry Friday - On Sunsets

Hello lovers of the weekend. This week's Poetry Friday is hosted by Carol over at Carol's Corner where she shares a poem that piqued her interest. I think I'm going to follow suit. I've subscribed to 'poem-a-day' from, and the one below by Elinor Wylie arrived in my inbox earlier this week. 

Sunset on the Spire 
Elinor Wylie

All that I dream
    By day or night
Lives in that stream
    Of lovely light.
Here is the earth,
    And there is the spire;
This is my hearth,
    And that is my fire.
From the sun’s dome
    I am shouted proof
That this is my home,
    And that is my roof.
Here is my food,
    And here is my drink,
And I am wooed
    From the moon’s brink.
And the days go over,
    And the nights end;
Here is my lover,
    Here is my friend.
All that I
    Could ever ask
Wears that sky
    Like a thin gold mask.

I need to read poetry more widely (in fact just reading in general) - I don't always get contemporary form, so this one is a bit of a throwback from the 1920s. I think I was drawn to the imagery and the way it sounded in my head as I read it. 

Hope everyone finds a poem they resonate with to carry them through the rest of the week!


  1. I got this one in my email this week, too, and also enjoyed it! It's a reminder of how much there is to love and appreciate. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. And those words show that it is enough. Lovely!

  3. This is lovely. I share other people's poetry about 75% of the time. That's absolutely fine!

    1. Yes, sometimes it's hard to come up with something of your own each week. Plus it's good for filling up the creative well.

  4. "And the days go over/ and the nights end" -- what a lovely, tumble-y way to describe it. Have a great weekend, Erin!

  5. I also subscribe to the daily poem, but I missed this one this week. I'm glad I caught it here. I love the sound of it.

    1. Even though it's only one poem a day I find it hard to keep up with all of them sometimes!

  6. "And I am wooed
    from the moon's brink"
    I love those lines--such lovely sounds and imagery!

  7. Lovely poem, nice to look into what's right in front of us for inspiration, thanks for sharing Elinor Wylie's poem.


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