Friday, August 3, 2018

Poetry Friday -- Birds of a Feather

It's been about a week since coming back from holiday in Perth. We're all finally at the tail end of the colds we caught while away. Thankfully my toddler was asleep when we landed back in Adelaide, as my own head was doing me in because of the congestion!

Despite all of that the change of scenery was good. The winter rain made everything green. I loved the Mediterranean type climate, the Indian Ocean (which I forgot actually does extend to this side of the world) and even the little things like going to the usual supermarket and seeing slightly different things on offer. On the other hand, it didn't always seem far enough away - not with regular access to phones and emails creeping in more than you'd like. Such is the modern dilemma.

Beachy sunsets

This week I was struggling again to get in the mood to write or figure out what to share. Despite the blog being such a casual space, sometimes doubt creeps in and blocks progress. But I was saved by a small hit of inspiration as I looked outside to see a couple of regular visitors to our yard - a pair of Rosellas. Today's little poem is for them.

One bright pair
'neath an olive tree.
Red heads, round bellies

From my window, 
such a sight.
I watch till they,
at last,
take flight. 

- e. mauger

Take a look at the rest of the Poetry Friday round up over at A Year of Reading. 😊 Merry weekend. 


  1. I had to open a new tab and take a peek at Rosellas. WOW! Would I ever LOVE to sit and watch THOSE in my yard!

  2. Oh! You are in Adelaide!! I loved my time there, in May/June. Guessing it's a little chilly now! Lovely poem about the rosellas.

    1. Thanks, Kat. It actually hasn't been that bad lately, we've even managed a few fairly warm days. We'll see how long it keeps up though!

  3. I had to look up with Rosellas...swoon l, what wonderful creatures.

  4. I guess I will say, "me, too", did not know this 'rosella', and what a beauty! Your trip does sound lovely. No matter if not far, away is good.

    1. Quite true. Any change of scenery is better than no change at all!

  5. Thanks, guys. After the comments I thought that I better add a link in case others have an inclination to look up these birds too :)

  6. What gorgeous birds. They would brighten my day, too.

  7. What a lovely moment to share. I enjoyed the glimpse of the other side of the world from where I am.

  8. Oh, wow! It's like having living rainbows in your backyard!!


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